Multiplayer shooter in a futuristic universe


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FireFall is a MMO third person shooter in which players can take part in amazing mass battles against both an artificial intelligence, and other human players.

FireFall's main mode is 'Players Vs Computer', with the artificial intelligence taking on the role of hordes of all types of creatures which will try to finish off your character and the rest of the team.

But you'll also find a 'Player Vs Player' (PVP) mode in which you'll put your skills to the test by fighting against other players from all over the world in an attempt to prove who’s better.

The most important thing to do before heading off to shoot is, however, to create your character and choose a battleframe for him. This means you'll have to choose a class for your character and improve the different skills you'll get along with it.

Recon, Assault, Biotech, Engineer, and Dreadnaught... The battleframes are almost exactly equivalent to the classes which most shooter games typically use.

When it comes to graphics, FireFall is a truly great game; its mains source of inspiration seems to have been Borderlands. From its visual finish in general, to the stage and character designs are reminiscent of Gearbox.

FireFall is a very fun online shooter in which players can fight side by side with their friends... or fight each other to the death.
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